10 Tips for Successful Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest can be a great way to drive traffic to your website – if you are using it correctly. Are you?

Check out my top 10 tips for successful Pinterest marketing.

10 pinterest tips

10 Tips for Successful Pinterest Marketing

  1. Don’t pin all of your products or blog posts at one time. That’s pretty much just Pinterest spam, and is a fast track to getting unfollowed.
  2. Verify your website to get access to Pinterest analytics.  Analytics are a big part of marketing – you want to know what’s doing well so you can repeat it, and what’s not working so you can revise it. In order to get access to Pinterest analytics, you will need to verify your website. In this blog post, Pinterest walks you through the process.
  3. Have a pin worthy image.  This tip may sound obvious, but don’t ignore its importance. If you want your pin to go viral, you will need a beautiful image. You can use tools like Canva or PicMonkey to create professional looking pins.
  4. Use search keywords in your description.  Make your pins easy to be found when searched. Don’t stuff keywords in your pin description, but certainly take advantage of the opportunity add relevant ones.
  5. Create the right size images.  Taller images take up more visual real estate in the Pinterest feed and command more attention. Studies have shown the best aspect ratio is 2:3 for your pins. Check out these study results of pins for other fascinating findings.
  6. Test multiple images for the same content. Try a couple of different pins and do your own mini-study. Are people digging your pins with teaser text on them? Or do they prefer plain images? Change a variable or two between your images and test out what your audience prefers.
  7. Add your logo or website to images. Brand awareness can be a great benefit gained from Pinterest. By adding your company logo or website to your image, users will be exposed to your brand and over time begin to associate with it. Don’t make the logo or website the major part of the pin, but certainly add it at the bottom or in a corner.
  8. Don’t make it all about you. Pin other content relevant to your audience. Pinterest is about sharing and not just broadcasting your marketing agenda.
  9. Read up on Pinterest contest best practices. Before conducting a Pinterest contest, be sure you are in compliance with their policies. Check their blog for the latest rules and regulations.
  10. Be consistent. Being consistent is perhaps the most important tip and easiest one to let slide. On all social media platforms, consistency is key. So, if you are using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy, commit to a regular schedule.

Do you have any Pinterest tips to add? Share them in the comments.

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